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Welcome to Stonegate, where I live, work and play. My name is Henry and I have been collecting firearms for over thirty years. It has been a passion for me. Something I have always enjoyed. Very early on I set an objective where collecting firearms, studying ballistics and hand-loading would be my primary focus. The second phase of my plan was to eventually settle on a select few rifles and hand guns and work only with those to perfect my shooting skills while having a lot of fun outdoors.

Well, as many of you might imagine the collecting has gone on a bit longer than I had originally planned. I have long since out grown one gun safe and several racks. Although I can still manage the space to keep them. I simply do not have enough time to enjoy all of them. So, itís time for me to thin the herd.

All of the guns shown are available and are for sale (unless otherwise noted). I have tried to represent them as accurately and honestly as possible. If you have additional questions about any of them, or would like to purchase one, please contact me.

Thanks for your time, interest and consideration.